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No Credit Checks? Yes, we do credit checks; however, we can provide a bad credit loan to a bad credit holder. If you need fast personal unsecured cash loan, same day loans, cash advance and same day cashadvance with a bad credit record and if you are concerned about possible bad credit.  We can provide loans for those marked as having bad credit.  However, you just need to provide a little extra documentation only ONCE. As a responsible lender, we need to make sure you are eligible to apply with us.

As a responsible lender, we must do credit checks as we charge extra for bad credit and we are not able to provide loans to those who have bankruptcy or judgments marked against them on their credit record.

Your first loan is free!

Remember that your first loan is free – zero interest and no fees! However, a bad credit record holder is not eligible for a free cash & same day loan. Please make sure of this before you submit your application. 

We are here to help you

Ferratum New Zealand is always available for your help to overcome you through hard financial times.  We are a New Zealand Government registered lender and we understand that sometimes our customers face difficult circumstances and will fall into hard, financial difficulties. Therefore we have a team of collections advisors on hand to help our customers if you struggle to repay the loan amount on the date you first agreed for. 

Unfortunately repaying the loan later than the opted due date will increase the loan amount you pay back. It could also seriously damage your credit rating for further loans. Therefore we urge all customers to be sure that they can afford to repay the loan before applying.



SUBMIT NOW(No Employer Contact) (Zero Interest & No Fees on Your First Loan for a good credit record holder only)

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