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June 20 2016 

Some tips to minimise stress when the weekend is approaching and you're not sure how you can get by. 



June 16 2016

G'day everybody. I hope you are having a good week. 
If anyone out there has skills in blogging, running websites or if you're a broker, retailer or online merchant, you might like to have a look at Ferratum's Affiliate Program. 
It's about us helping you if you can help us! 
Thanks, the Ferratum NZ Team



June 6 2016

Hi, guys. As the long weekend bills stack up, anyone wanting to apply for assistance from Ferratum is warmly invited to make an easy, free application via this page.

Thanks. https://www.ferratum.co.nz/loan-application/registration


May 30 2016

Question: can I still borrow if I have a bad credit history?

Ferratum is designed for people with bad credit history who are improving their credit score, so we can help out with cash and short-term loans. However, Ferratum respects the importance of people paying each other back. This means we can begin with a small loan and increase your loan amount over time if you repay back each loan and meet with our lending criteria, but people with bad credit unfortunately aren’t eligible to have their first loan interest-free. If you continue to repay your loan on time, we can definitely treat you as a reliable customer though. It's worth asking us about.

And if I have bad credit?

It doesn't hurt to apply. Provide us with a bank statement covering one month and we’ll verify it then look at helping you through your situation with a loan.


May 26 2016

We believe in responsible lending. We are a member (#3811) of an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by the Financial Service Complaints Limited.

We are NZ Government Registered Financial Service Provider No. FSP 70021.
Please, feel free to ask our friendly staff how we can help when you are having trouble repaying a loan.