Ferratum's No Fees or Interest Offer



Are you looking for fast interest free loans?

Do you have a good credit history? Experience Ferratum's fast service and free loans offer for first time customers with a good credit history only.

Yes, you read it right. We are giving the opportunity for new customers with no interest and no fees on your first cash loan. This is a great way to try us out. Offer is valid on your first loan between $100 and $300 for up to 45 days period.*


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*A new customer with a bad credit record is not eligible for this offer.




How it works?


For an example, if your cash loan of $200 is approved, transferred to your registered bank account and you have repaid  back the principal amount of $200 on or before the agreed due date, your total loan repayment  on or before the agreed due date will only be $200 which excludes any interest & default fees.  However, when your loan amount is not repaid in full on the agreed due date, the full repayment amount pursuant to the Terms and Conditions will be charged to you. We will also disclose the full repayable amount to you by email before you accept this free cash loan.


Therefore, please read all the disclosures by email carefully. if you can repay back your free loan on the agreed due date, give it a go! If you are not able to repay back the free loan on the agreed due date, please do not apply for a free loan. We are a responsible lender therefore please be a responsible borrower. You can obtain more information about customers experience with us by referring to the Testimonials and by reading their Comments. To know more about interest free fast loan process please click here.


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Our loan application process is very short, fast and safe. We'll never contact your employer either! We respect customers’ privacy and keep their information confidential.

We process the loan application in as fast as in 4 minutes provided that we have all the information we need. As soon as you send us a text with “YES” confirmation - the amount will be transferred to your nominated bank account.

You are welcome to re-apply for a new loan after the repayment of your current one. We understand that sometimes due to the customer’s circumstances, customers are not able to pay on time. For this our customer service team is always ready to give the best solution possible. Therefore if you have any enquiries along your way, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service to assist you (free of additional charges).



"Ferratum is serving 1.5 million customers in over 25 countries. Be the one to get our fast cash loan free and experience our service"


After applying You may receive the  following SMS Text Messages:

"Dear Customer,Your first loan is ABSOLUTELY FREE, if you repay it back ON or BEFORE the agreed due date. Don't worry about the expenses & fees in the attachment." & "If the loan is not paid ON or BEFORE the agreed due date, any excluded charges shall be added, pursuant to the agreed Terms and Conditions. Ferratum".



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