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Apply for Instant cash loans NZ & advance short-term loans NZ with Ferratum! Cash can be in your bank account in as little as 4 minutes once you have been approved. Applying with us is friendly, safe and confidential.

We have endeavoured to comply with all safety regulations. We have never contacted an employer with regard to a loan application. Your loan application is fully confidential.


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First Time Customers


  • Step 1: Applying for cash loans & short-term advance loans is simple with our fast & short online application process. In order to process  the application of your cash loans and personal loans, we must receive from you a fully completed fast loan application .
  • Step 2:  We will do a background credit check. If the loan application is successful, we send a text message with the approved loan amount to you. Once we have been provided with your loan confirmation of  the keyword YES to 8778, we will transfer the approved loan amount to your nominated bank account immediately. If the loan application is not successful, we send a text message to inform you that it has been declined. 


Apply New Customers



Existing Customers


Once you are an approved customer, you will be issued with a dedicated PIN. The next time you need cash you can apply online again or you can choose to use our mobile technology. When you can apply for a loan at My Account and via Mobile, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as you have agreed on your previous personal loan application. We send a promotional loan offer by email and SMS TXT message. However, this does not mean your quick loan application shall be approved automatically as per to your loan request. We will access your loan application, based on your previous loan history and our  lending criteria.


  • Step 1: Simply text LOAN to our SMS shortcode number of 8778 stating the amount you need and the number of days you need it for, followed by your dedicated PIN. Days and $ are NOT required.  If you have lost the PIN, you can always contact us back and we will reissue it to you in a minute.

    Example text: LOAN (space) 600 (space) 45 (space) 12345

  • Step 2: We will send you either a simple approved confirmation message or our proposed loan amount to you by TXT. Once you have replied back to us with the confirmation of YES to 8778, we will transfer the loan amount to your nominated bank account immediately.

Apply Existing Customers

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