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Ferratum is a respected and highly appreciated provider of hassle-free loans in over 20 countries from Europe to the Americas to Australasia.

Here’s the latest international Ferratum news: June 23 2016

  • Ferratum Finland is offering advice about ‘spring cleaning’ your finances, with tips on loan payment plans, paying bills on time to avoid fees and creating a calendar for the year to help schedule payments.
  • Ferratum Australia is offering its services without the need to download an app. Simply type in your information on an ordinary browser on mobile or desktop computer. Awesome!
  • Czech Republic is heading into the European summer and Ferratum Cz is helping out with loans so people can enjoy a vacation. That’s super-useful when it's so hard to get paid over summer by some employers. 


Here’s the latest international Ferratum news: June 2016

  • Our friends over in Australia have some advice about minimising stress on their blog (here bit.ly/28iTZBy )
  • Ferratum Canada has some very useful ideas on its blog reminding people to work out how to repay their loan bit.ly/1WDZ7fF
  • And for people super-interested in Ferratum's growth as a company, we are making investors very happy - here's some news about the company's overall performance bit.ly/28iTxDj

Here’s the latest international Ferratum news: May 2016

  • Ferratum New Zealand has made it dead easy to apply for your second loan. All the hassle is out of the way once you initially sign up. Simply text LOAN to 8778. 
  • Ferratum Denmark has sent two lucky winners to the Danish Supertourisme motorsport event
  • Ferratum Australia has raised $2500 for Perth’s Dream Centre
  • Ferratum Finland’s Atum competition allows people to gift their friends 100 Euro

Here’s the latest international Ferratum news:  March 31 2016

  • Ferratum New Zealand has introduced no interest and no fees for first time borrowers, to make the process gentle and rewarding for new customers
  • Ferratum Romania has instituted new responsible lending rules to benefit customers
  • Ferratum Australia has a new TV and YouTube commercial directing customers towards its new flexible loan offers
  • Ferratum Canada customers are stoked to be able to apply for loans 24 hours a day – essential when you’re out on a midnight first date and you need some quick cash to make a splash!


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