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Warning: Ferratum loans can be expensive. Our loans are suitable only for short-term needs and not suitable for long-term or regular borrowing. We advise you to discuss with your financial advisor before borrowing. Lending criteria, terms, interest and fees apply. Fixed interest rates range from 153.154% to 547.50% APR.
Example: A Microloan of $1,000.00 over 45 days has a total repayment of up to $1,689.50 made up of $1,000.00 original loan amount, $675.00 of interest payable and $12.50 establishment fee.

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Whether you need help to say yes to a golden opportunity, tide you over until you get paid, or help with a bump in the road a Ferratum Money cash loan is the perfect solution. Our loans give you access to money whenever you need it…and fast.


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