5 Holiday Destinations for Young Families

5 New Zealand Holiday Destinations for Young Families

Between working and trying to keep the kids busy with holiday activities, it´s not hard to see how finding the time to book a holiday for you and your family could feel like a luxury.

Fear not – All you need is the plan, the road map and the courage to press on to your destination. There´s still plenty of time. So, if you´re still looking for a sunny escape – Whether this is organised activities or simple splashing about at the beach. Need some ideas of where to go and what to do? Look no further!

Here are some last-minute, family-friendly New Zealand holiday destinations

1. Piha, City in the North Island

Driving down the road can be a bit hectic, but it’s an absolute bliss once you get there. When people think of holidays in Auckland, Piha would be a perfect place for a coastal walk, stroll in the long beach or play with birds or picnic or chill in the laps of nature.

It’s beautiful and a calm beach escape for both adults and kids alike. With beautiful black sand on the rugged coast, Piha is an impressive, stunning site, child-friendly and perfect for a day trip.

5 New Zealand Holiday Destinations for Young Families

2. Bay of Islands

Discover the best holiday time, splendid beaches, ancient treasures and landscapes. When it comes to relaxing escapes and serene beauty, there are few places to take a family visit and let the kids and pets play at an outdoor activity centre while the adults enjoy some wine! Bay of Islands is a fantastic tour to the very top of New Zealand enjoying a taste of New Zealand’s varied and beautiful landscape with magnificent coastal views and native places.

Driving alone the sand on the Ninety-mile beach, feeling the sand between your toe and journeying to the massive sand dunes would be breathtaking and heart pumping! Cape Reinga, another off-road adventure with dazzling views, experiencing the swirling waters of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean converge will be one of the best escapes anyone can have!

3. Lake Tekapo

Every lake belongs to its quietness, and smart people will find a way from any stressful situation. Lake Tekapo is a perfect illustration of what makes New Zealand special to best connect with nature. It has incredible scenery, peaceful and tranquil. Fill your day with high energy and passive past times, find this calm lake and wait for the twilight in silence with welcoming sunshine.

The surrounding mountains and turquoise make it a spectacular view be it summer or winter, snow-covered or golden yellow! You can take a safe pedestrian or a cycleway by the Lake Tekapo Footbridge, and your unexposed films will remain a masterpiece!

4. Mount Taranaki

When it comes to unique experiences, Mount Taranaki offers striking views to have an exciting climb to its peak, rising above the clouds and offers adventurous day walks enjoying lush native forest and stunning volcanic views.

For a more comforting experience, walk the New Plymouth coast or even have a cycling adventure to explore the most attractive coastal walkway merely enjoying the view of the west coast. Other popular activities include Taranaki’s well-renowned Galleries, Egmont National Park, surfing with a scenic flight.

So, where will you and your loved ones escape to these holidays?

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