4 Ways to Create an Awesome Staycation

4 Ways to Create an Awesome Staycation

Do you ever have days when you feel like you need a vacation from your life? Well, there´s still plenty of opportunities for you and your partner to unwind and relax in the sunshine!

Most of us think about holidaying abroad to spend our holidays. However, often we follow busy itineraries and schedules to maximise our time abroad trying to see and do everything. It´s not exactly the most restful way to spend our holidays, is it?

That´s why a staycation can be the perfect way to spend your holiday.

Yes, Really. A Staycation.

A staycation can provide all the benefits of travelling abroad but less stress and more time by eliminating travel to and from airports and spending money on hotels.

Think about what you and your partner like to do when you´re on holiday. Sitting on a beach, dining at restaurants, visiting museums or seeing sites. So, why not do these things during a staycation?

Remember, thousands of tourists visit your city every year for the same reasons you travel abroad! So, why not do the things you love to do abroad while staying local?

Here are four ways to create a great escape while staying at home:

4 Ways to Create an Awesome Staycation

1. Create a Beach Day

Granted not every beach is a tropical beach with white sands, just spending a few hours in the sun by the water can give you the same benefits.

Whether you´re sitting beside a lake, a canal, the ocean, or even an outdoor swimming pool, create a “beach day”. Take a book, pack a picnic, bring a bottle of wine or some beer and you´re all set.

Even if you live a couple of hours away from the beach, it still takes less time than travelling abroad.

2. Pleasure your Taste Buds

Surely one of the best things about travelling is discovering new restaurants, eating whatever we like, sampling new decadent foods, and not having to cook!

Think about it – when we´re on holidays, we allow ourselves to eat whatever we want to. So, while on staycation, why not to do the same?

Perhaps there is a great new restaurant you and your partner want to check out? Maybe there´s a popular restaurant where you need to book weeks in advance? Now is the time!

Treat yourself to dining out and trying all the places you´ve heard about it, walked by or wondered about it.

3. Do More and See More

Often when we´re on holiday, we do lots of fun activities such as visiting amusement parks, exploring churches, renting kayaks, or going to museums.

Whether it´s attending an art exhibit, climbing a tower, biking around the city, going to a waterpark, or seeing an opera or concert, the list is endless.

Rub shoulders with tourists and splurge on something fun you´d usually only do when abroad.

4. Chill Out or Picnic in a Park

There’s something for everybody at a Picnic Day. Better than visiting a local garden or sitting on the grass with a picnic and enjoying the sun.

Read a book or invite friends for a BBQ. Play football or throw a frisbee. Whatever you decide, give it a real value, just being surrounded by nature does wonders for the mind.

Making Your Staycation Happen

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