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We are part of the Ferratum Group, the first European-based Microloan company that was successfully launched in 2005. We now operate in 23 countries and have served over 1.5 million clients. Our staff is comprised of over 200 professionals. The vision of Jorma Jokela, CEO and founder of the Ferratum Group, is simple:

"We are driven by our passion for innovation and we have an ambitious growth strategy - our aim is to be the leading global microloan company. We believe that our products and services can benefit many customers in many countries".

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Today, the Ferratum Group has already established a growing base of loyal customers, thanks to the convenient services offered, as well as the company's reputation of outstanding professional and ethical behaviour.

We want to be seen as more than just a payday loan company. Instead, we want our customers to know that when you deal with Ferratum, you will enjoy the benefit of the easiest cash loan applications fastest and friendliest service, and the highest confidentiality in the market. Check out more information about our instant cash loans.

Whether you or someone you know needs a fast loan for car repair, long-desired home renovations, a much-needed vacation, school expenses, or any other reason, look no further than Ferratum. We pride ourselves on our ease of application using our online loan calculator, quick response times, and a variety of loans and products that are guaranteed to meet your needs.

For more information, please see our Group website.

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