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How much? $ 500

How long? 24 days

Loan amount
$ 500.00
Loan term
24 days
Due date
Total amount repayable
$ 702.50

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Applying for fast cash loans, payday loans, payday advance, & cash advance online with Ferratum NZ?

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Why Choose Ferratum?

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We are a friendly direct lender with great customer care

You need your money fast, we get that. Cut out the extra time and stress of jumping through hoops with brokers and apply to us directly. As a direct lender, we put our relationship with you the customer first – no third parties.

By removing all those added steps of going through a broker, we get to know you better and next time you need it your money is just a click or text away. Our New Zealand based customer care team is available Monday - Friday for any help you need


Decision in minutes pay-outs immediately

Get your loan same day! We use advanced systems to help us make a decision within minutes of your application, and pay out to successful applications soon after.

Applications made Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm will be paid to you within the same day. During evenings, this may take a little longer. During Saturday, Sunday and public holidays,  payments will be made on the following business day.


Fast and simple online application takes just 2-3 minutes

Just set the amount you want to borrow, for how long and click “SUBMIT NOW” to fill out our simple online application. First time customers can borrow up to $300.

All you need is a New Zealand Driver’s License and mobile phone to validate your details, and a Bank account number so we know where to pay. If you don’t have a Driver’s Licence please contact us to find out how you can register by visiting here or email: or contact us on 09 915 0766.

Apply for a loan & Win a Tablet!


Re-Apply By TXT?

For existing customers it’s even easier to re-apply. Simply text the word “LOAN” followed by the amount you want to borrow, how long you need it for, and your dedicated PIN to 8778, and we’ll handle everything from there. You’ll get your new loan on the same day and we’ll set the term to however many days you put in the text.

Example text: LOAN(space)600(space)45(space)12345

Changed your number, forgotten your PIN, or need help? Just call our friendly Customer Care team on 09 915 0766 and we’ll help update your details and fix the problem within minutes!


Refer your friends to us!

Once you become a customer, you can refer your friends and workmates to our Ferratum fast cash loans online NZ, quick payday loans online NZ, instant payday advance loans online NZ & same day cleared cash advance loans online NZ and you could win prizes.   

You can check My Account to access your referral statistics using your mobile phone number and dedicated PIN.  Redeem your rewards at any time.   Apply for Ferratum's simple quick payday cash loans & fast  cash payday loans now, refer a friend and be in to win.

* For No Fees & No Interest on your first cash & payday loan, you must have a good credit record and you must repay your free loan on or before the agreed due date. A bad credit record holder is NOT eligible for a free cash & payday loan.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Offer is for a limited time only.